Woodmont Metro at Metuchen Station


Metuchen, a New Jersey bedroom suburb of NYC, is known for its’ bustling downtown area with local shops and restaurants. Woodmont Metro at Metuchen Station, a four-story, multi-family residential building, features luxury apartments, amenities, and a convenient location to the train station. The project pursued the Federal 179D Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction, which offers $0.60-$1.80 per square foot tax deductions for building owners that install energy-efficient equipment, focusing on lighting. ReVireo previously worked on this project in 2018 during its development, qualifying the project for New Jersey Clean Energy Program rebates for ENERGY STAR certification as well as National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certification.  

ReVireo completed calculations for the lighting equipment to retroactively comply with the 179D requirements. ReVireo performed inspections of the building to confirm the building met the energy-savings targets to comply with 179D. The lighting power density (LPD) for several spaces within the building was reduced by at least 35% compared to the ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007, enabling ReVireo to utilize the Interim Lighting Rule.  The Interim Lighting Rule does not require energy modeling and allows for retroactive compliance for tax deductions. ReVireo enabled Woodmont Metro at Metuchen Station to claim over $72,000 in deductions from the 179D Tax Deduction. 



Woodmont Properties

Building Type

Multifamily (4+ Stories)


Metuchen, New Jersey

ENERGY STARNGBSNational Incentives

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