Cider Mill


Cider Mill Townhomes is a rental community located in Livingston, NJ, that includes both affordable and luxury market-rate housing units equipped with high-efficiency HVAC systems, private entrances, and individual garages. The community consists of six buildings with a cumulative size of 82,545 square feet.  

ReVireo conducted a Utility Analysis study for the affordable housing units using REM/Rate energy modeling software to analyze the building design and energy usage, delivering an estimated monthly utility cost per unit. A Utility Allowance is the utility costs paid by tenants in affordable housing, as averaged from the total utility costs. The project team utilized ReVireo’s Utility Analysis report to demonstrate energy conservation measures and subsequent annual savings in utility costs. These findings led to a reduction in tenants’ Utility Allowances. 


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Livingston, New Jersey

Utility Analysis

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