Philadelphia Building Energy Performance Program

New “Tune-Up” Requirement

Philadelphia's new Building Energy Performance Program (BEPP) requires large non-residential buildings to have a “tune-up” completed by a BEPP Tune-Up Specialist every five years.

If a building fails to comply by the deadline, the owner will be subject to an initial fine of $2,000, followed by additional fines of $500 per day if noncompliance extends beyond 30 days.

As your BEPP Tune-Up Specialist, ReVireo will complete a series of inspections and provide the reporting needed to avoid costly penalties and comply with this new regulation.

What Buildings are Required to Comply?

All non-residential buildings 50,000 square feet or larger will be required to comply with the BEPP. However, not all buildings are required to comply right away. Deadlines, as shown in the timeline below, are based on building size with the largest required to comply first.

Image Description

>100,000 SQ FTSeptember 30, 2022

Image Description

70,000-100,000 SQ FTSeptember 30, 2023

Image Description

50,000-70,000 SQ FTSeptember 30, 2024

Buildings will be required to complete a “tune-up” every five years. Owners of large portfolios of buildings (20 buildings or 5 million square feet) follow special rules, which can be found here.