Zero Energy Ready Home at a Glance

  • New single family and multifamily residential buildings (up to 5 stories) are eligible for certification.
  • The Zero Energy Ready Home certification requires earning ENERGY STAR and EPA Indoor airPLUS certifications as prerequisites.
  • The energy efficiency certification also focuses on durability and occupant well-being.

Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) Certification

The Department of Energy defines a Zero Energy Ready Home as “a high- performance home which is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption.”

The ZERH program builds upon existing requirements and verification infrastructure of energy code (IECC) and the EPA’s ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS certification programs. ZERH takes high-performance housing to the next level and requires:

  • Higher level of energy efficiency than ENERGY STAR
  • Compliance with indoor air quality standards
  • Increased water efficiency
  • Preparations for solar energy system (if applicable)
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Steps to Achieving ZERH

  • Perform energy modeling during early design to determine materials and equipment needed to achieve the energy efficiency target
  • Include all mandatory requirements in design
  • Inspect and verify ZERH requirements throughout the construction process
  • Process certification

Benefits of ZERH Certification


Reduce energy usage and
utility bills


Improve indoor comfort and health for occupants


Minimize environmental impact and carbon footprint


Achieve local and utility company rebates


Earn 45L federal tax credits
up to $5,000 per unit


Qualify for preferential loan financing for multifamily buildings


How ReVireo Can Help

ReVireo, as a ZERH Verifier, performs the necessary energy modeling, testing, and third-party verification to qualify buildings for ZERH certification.

Zero Energy Ready Home Projects