Hom-Hanan Residence


This innovative project is the first ever Passive House certified home built in Monmouth County, NJ. The home uses all-electric systems to minimize its carbon footprint and is also equipped with solar panels and a battery storage system. Using Passive House design strategies and materials, it has an exceptionally airtight building envelope that maximizes energy efficiency as well as occupant comfort and health. As a result, the home achieved a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index of 44, which equates to less than half of the energy usage of a typical new home built in the United States.

ReVireo worked closely with the architect (Ryall Sheridan Architects), the Passive House Consultant (BLDGtyp), and Cross Builders from the beginning of the project to determine which Passive House certification to pursue, ultimately selecting Passive House Institute US (PHIUS+). During the design and construction process, ReVireo performed energy modeling, reviewed design plans, and performed various inspections and testing to ensure the project was as energy efficient as possible and to confirm all systems were installed according to specifications.

ReVireo served as the PHIUS+ Rater for the project and managed the process of achieving other building certifications including EPA ENERGY STAR Homes and Indoor airPLUS, as well as DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH). ReVireo also qualified the project for over $4,800 in rebates from the NJ Clean Energy Program.


Cross Builders

Building Type

Single Family


Long Branch, New Jersey


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