ENERGY STAR at a Glance

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the ENERGY STAR label to help consumers make energy-efficient decisions.
  • The ENERGY STAR label can be applied to all types of buildings as well as products like appliances and electronics.
  • With over 2.2 million new homes and 38,000 commercial buildings certified, ENERGY STAR is one of the most widely recognized and credible energy efficiency certification programs for buildings.

ENERGY STAR Certification

To receive the ENERGY STAR label, a building must be at least 15% more energy efficient than a comparable building. Third-party verification of energy savings is always required to achieve ENERGY STAR certification.

ENERGY STAR certification promotes energy efficiency for a multitude of building types. The building type determines eligibility for which ENERGY STAR program applies to the project.

new and existing

Eligible Buildings

New Buildings

  • Single family homes
  • Townhomes
  • Duplexes
  • Apartments

Existing Buildings

  • Non-residential
  • Apartments

Steps to Achieving ENERGY STAR

New Buildings

  • Perform energy modeling in computer software based on drawings to determine the energy efficiency target
  • Collaborate with design team to determine materials and equipment needed to achieve the energy efficiency target
  • Include all mandatory requirements in design
  • ENERGY STAR Rater performs inspections and completes Checklist throughout the construction process
  • Process certification

Existing Buildings

  • Perform Benchmarking of utility data to determine the building's energy usage compared to similar buildings
  • Inform construction team of improvements, materials, and equipment needed to achieve the energy efficiency target (if any)
  • Include all mandatory requirements
  • Perform inspections to verify data and required implementation of design
  • Process certification

Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certification


Reduce energy usage and
utility bills


Improve indoor comfort and health for occupants


Minimize environmental impact and carbon footprint


Achieve local and utility
company rebates


Earn 45L federal tax credits
up to $2,500 per unit


Qualify for preferential loan financing for multifamily buildings

energy star

How ReVireo Can Help

ReVireo is a consultant and third-party verifier for all ENERGY STAR programs and won ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year (2024). We have successfully guided thousands of professionals through ENERGY STAR certification. Connect with our experts today to discuss your next ENERGY STAR project.