Residential Buildings 4 Stories or More

Energy Code Compliance

All new buildings must comply with evolving energy code requirements.
We reduce the cost, difficulty, and risk involved with compliance.

Energy Code Consulting

ReVireo works with the project team to develop an optimal strategy for complying with local energy code. ReVireo can help project teams determine the compliance pathway best suited for their project, as well as provide plan reviews to ensure that permit sets include all required documentation.

Energy Modeling and COMcheck

ReVireo provides envelope, mechanical, and lighting COMcheck services to aid your project in showing compliance with energy code on a prescriptive basis. In addition, ReVireo can develop a code compliant energy model to demonstrate compliance on a performance basis.

Quality Assurance Inspections

ReVireo’s experienced building analysts can provide energy code quality assurance inspections and code required commissioning services. These inspections and commissioning services are utilized to provide third party verification of compliance with energy code and ensure best practice.

Certification Programs

We offer customizable and comprehensive energy efficiency and green building certification program services – starting by helping project teams identify the right program for their project.


ReVireo provides expert consulting for all major energy efficiency and green building certification programs. We use an integrative approach to develop an optimal strategy and monitor progress throughout to ensure success.

Energy Modeling
Energy Modeling

ReVireo performs energy modeling of your project in approved software to determine compliance with certification program requirements and advise project team on recommended design changes to assist in earning certification.


ReVireo shares energy efficiency and green building best practices with design and construction teams through trainings tailored to their specific needs. Participants are provided with reference materials that can be used in design and in the field.


ReVireo’s qualified building analysts evaluate and document compliance with the project’s targeted certification. Detailed inspection reports are provided to the project team.

Certification Management
Certification Management

ReVireo provides the administrative services required to successfully complete certification by managing program registration, documentation, and submission.

Incentives & Financing
Incentives & Financing

ReVireo ensures that certification programs are leveraged for compliance with available incentives, including utility rebates, tax credits/deductions, and preferential financing. We provide turnkey incentive management from conception through occupancy.


ReVireo can help you benchmark your building to measure performance, satisfy program requirements, and access additional incentives.

Commissioning & TAB


Commissioning is a valuable process that ensures building systems operate to the owner’s requirements. Systems that are commissioned have lower operating and maintenance costs as well as fewer change orders during construction.

ReVireo provides commissioning services tailored to the needs of the project team, including commissioning for energy code compliance, certification program compliance, and for general quality assurance. ReVireo works with your team to develop a unique commissioning scope that suits the needs of the project.

ReVireo’s commissioning team completes site work to ensure that systems have been installed correctly and are operating to their full potential.

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Design drawings indicate the proper amount of air and/or water flow that should be provided to each space in a building. If systems are not tested, adjusted, and balanced, these design values will not be achieved. This results in uncomfortable spaces, inefficient equipment, and increased costs.

ReVireo’s TAB team completes the necessary field work to ensure that these design values are achieved.


Energy Audits

Energy audits are performed on existing buildings to identify measures that will cost-effectively reduce a building’s energy consumption and save the owner thousands of dollars a year. Recommendations for improvement measures are made to the building owner and include expected cost savings for each measure.

ReVireo uses its expertise and experience to provide valuable recommendations with fast paybacks for its clients. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of many different building systems, enabling us to recommend unique solutions to improve building energy efficiency.

Looking to comply with New York City Local Law 84 and 87?

ReVireo can complete the energy audit and retro-commissioning services needed to generate your Energy Efficiency Report for submission to the city. This service allows building owners to avoid fines from the city and also provides valuable insights into cost effective, energy efficient improvement options. Additionally, ReVireo can manage Local Law 84 benchmarking and reporting for your property, ensuring annual compliance.

Utility Analysis

ReVireo provides utility analysis services for multi-family projects in compliance with IRS regulation 1.42-10(4)(ii)(E). ReVireo will develop compliant energy consumption models utilizing approved HERS Rating energy modeling software and will deliver estimated monthly utility costs per dwelling unit.

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