257.5 York Street


This project was a gut renovation that breathed new life into an existing historic brownstone rowhouse on a beautiful tree-lined street in the Van Vorst Park neighborhood in downtown Jersey City, NJ. ReVireo managed the project’s energy code compliance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality certifications, and qualification for available incentives. This included performing energy modeling, design consulting, on-site inspections and testing, and related administrative services.

The home earned certification from multiple programs, including EPA ENERGY STAR Homes and Indoor airPLUS and DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH). Additionally, the home was built to rigorous Passive House Institute (PHI) standards. 275.5 York Street achieved an incredibly low Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index of 19. On the HERS Index rating scale, a new home built to minimum standards has an Index of 100. This means that this home is 81% more energy efficient than a national average baseline new home.

To achieve the low HERS index, the project utilized key materials and design specifications, including: R-26 continuous insulation on the exterior plus R-31.5 blown insulation between 2×10 joists, ductless and ducted mini-split heat pump systems (ducts are located within thermal envelope), a Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 (which has 88% recovery efficiency), and a 450 sq. ft. south tilt with peak power of 7926 W.

The result is lower energy bills, less impact on the natural environment, higher home value, and an incredibly comfortable living space for its new occupants. The estimated energy savings for its new owners is $3,423 per year. Additionally, the home qualified for a rebate of over $6,000 from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP).


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Jersey City, New Jersey

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