Toll Brothers at Valeria


Toll Brothers at Valeria is a luxury townhome community located in Westchester County, NY. This community gives a feel of elegance and natural beauty. The ReVireo team partnered with the Toll Brothers NY Division as the state of New York began their energy code transition. The change from the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) to the 2015 IECC was a challenging one with more stringent mandatory requirements and testing thresholds for new homes to be in compliance. The Toll Brothers at Valeria homes transitioned to the new 2015 IECC and the results are more comfortable and more energy efficient homes than a typical resale home in New York.

ReVireo worked with the construction and management teams analyzing all building plans and specifications to ensure that all homes would meet or exceed the standards of the 2015 IECC. As the project continues, ReVireo provides the HERS Rating Process which includes permit documentation for each townhome, all necessary on-site inspections from the beginning of construction to completion, finalized with the certification that they are meeting energy code and can obtain their CO.

By providing these services, third-party review and verification of each home, homebuyers at Toll Brothers at Valeria can be assured that they are investing in a well-built and energy-efficient home that will keep them comfortable for years to come.


Toll Brothers

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Cortlandt, New York

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