155 Wooster Street


Centurion Realty required ENERGY STAR and benchmarking services for 155 Wooster Street, New York City. The 45,000-square-foot project is a mixed-use building, including retail, commercial, and residential units.  

Centurion Realty requested services to comply with multiple Local Laws, including Local Law 84, Local Law 95, and Local Law 33.  

Local Law 84 requires annual benchmarking data, including water and energy consumption, to be submitted by the owner of the building for large residential and commercial buildings. 

Local Law 95 standardizes the grade rating system based on the ENERGY STAR efficiency scores, from A to F. The energy label includes the letter grade and the energy efficiency score. 

Letter Grade  Energy Efficiency Score 
A  85+ 
B  70-84 
C  55-69 
D  54 or less 
F  Did not submit required benchmarking information 
N  Exempt from benchmarking or not covered by ENERGY STAR 


Local Law 33 requires large building owners to display the Building Energy Efficiency Rating label publicly.  

ReVireo provided services to ensure Centurion Realty’s project complied with Local Law 84. First, ReVireo created an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for the project, which is an online tool for benchmarking the energy performance of a building. After obtaining aggregated utility data, ReVireo recorded the building’s water consumption utilizing the Annual Merit Review from the Department of Energy. Once complying with LL84, ReVireo ensured Centurion Realty received the label to display at 155 Wooster Street in compliance with LL33. 


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