Mohonk Preserve


ReVireo partnered with Alfandre Architecture on Mohonk Preserve, a single family home in New Paltz, New York. ReVireo provided Alfandre Architecture with an energy audit to identify measures to reduce the building’s energy consumption cost-effectively.   

ReVireo performed envelope leakage testing and thermal imaging to identify areas of air leakage. The envelope leakage test quantified the amount of air leaking to the outside. The thermal imaging and zonal pressure diagnostics, performed before and during the envelope leakage test, identified areas of heat or cooling loss.   

ReVireo then prepared a report detailing the diagnosis of the issues and provided recommendations for energy-saving renovations. ReVireo recommended replacing the existing oil boiler with air-source heat pumps and installing a heat pump water heater, two energy recovery ventilators, and a dehumidifier in the basement. These adjustments will decrease sources of air leakage, providing the client with unique solutions to improve the building’s energy efficiency.   


Alfandre Architects

Building Type

Single Family


New Paltz, New York

Energy Audits

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