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Nestled between the Shore and Gateway Regions of New Jersey, Old Bridge boasts beaches, tourism, and culture. It is known as a transportation hub, with many major state routes going directly through the town.  Old Bridge is also home to the headquarters of Amboy Bank, which recently expanded its headquarters by over 20,000 square feet. ReVireo worked with Amboy Bank to perform Commissioning, as well as Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing, on the mechanical systems in the new headquarters space. 

ReVireo performed comprehensive Commissioning of the mechanical systems for Amboy Bank, which included a review of the project during the design phase and confirming material and equipment specifications. The review set the project up for success by confirming a clear, accurate design before construction began. Amboy Bank, the design team, and ReVireo collaborated on the review. ReVireo inspected the project during construction to confirm that the project was constructed according to the specifications of the design documents.  

ReVireo also performed Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) to ensure the mechanical systems achieved the intent of the design. This maximized occupant comfort for employees/visitors and minimized operating costs for Amboy Bank. The new headquarters space utilized a forced-air system.  ReVireo measured its output using a balometer and then compared the results to the design. After testing, ReVireo adjusted the dampers. As adjusting one aspect of a mechanical system can cause subsequent changes requiring furth balancing, ReVireo performed multiple balancing checks to ensure the system operated optimally.  

These Commissioning & TAB services provided Amboy Bank with a more comfortable environment for employees along with lower operating and maintenance costs.  


Amboy Bank

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Old Bridge, New Jersey

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