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Commercial & Institutional Buildings

Energy Code Compliance

All new buildings must comply with evolving, state-mandated energy code.
We reduce the cost, difficulty, and risk involved with compliance.

Energy Code Consulting

ReVireo works with the project team to develop an optimal strategy for complying with local energy code. ReVireo can help project teams determine the compliance pathway best suited for their project, as well as provide plan reviews to ensure that permit sets include all required documentation.

Energy Modeling and COMcheck

ReVireo provides envelope, mechanical and lighting COMcheck services to aid your project in showing compliance with energy code on a prescriptive basis. In addition, ReVireo can develop a code compliant energy model to demonstrate compliance on a performance basis.

Quality Assurance Inspections

ReVireo’s experienced building analysts can provide energy code quality assurance inspections. These inspections are utilized to provide third party verification of compliance with energy code.

Certification Programs

We offer customizable and comprehensive certification program support to aid in the design, construction and certification of your project with any applicable major energy efficiency or green building certification program.

In order to avoid added costs and headaches, we recommend considering all energy efficiency and green building goals as early in design as possible.

LEED Building Design & Construction, Passive House, LEED Neighborhood Development

LEED for Homes Phius + Verifier LEED Neighborhood Development


ReVireo provides consulting services for all major energy efficiency and green building certification programs. We are able to provide expertise to the design team in order to create an optimal strategy to meet each project's goals. Once a strategy has been defined, we provide plan reviews to confirm that all prerequisites and targeted credits are recorded in the construction documents, ensuring that the project is set-up for success.

Energy Modeling

ReVireo performs energy modeling of your project in approved software to determine compliance with certification program requirements and advise project team on recommended design changes to assist in earning certification.


ReVireo conducts on-site and online education for construction managers and contractors to learn best practices for building energy efficiency and green building. Training workshops can be specifically tailored to teaching compliance with each of the certification programs. Attendees are provided with cut-sheets and other reference material to use in the field.


ReVireo’s team includes qualified building analysts who evaluate all features specified for compliance with any applicable certification program. ReVireo then completes all documentation for the corresponding certification program and provides the project team with detailed inspection reports.

Certification Management

ReVireo provides the administrative services required to successfully complete certification with all of the certification programs. ReVireo manages the registration, documentation process and submission of the project to the applicable certification program.

Incentive Management

ReVireo provides recommendations regarding tax credits, utility company rebates, preferential financing, and other incentives based on energy efficiency and green building. We also provide turnkey incentive management including registering projects, documenting compliance, and submitting final incentive applications/approvals.


Commissioning is a valuable process that ensures building systems operate to the owner’s requirements. Systems that are commissioned have lower operating and maintenance costs as well as fewer change orders during construction.


ReVireo provides commissioning services tailored to the needs of the project team. This includes commissioning for energy code compliance, certification program compliance and for general quality assurance. ReVireo works with your team to develop a unique commissioning plan that suits the needs of the project.

Inspections and Testing

ReVireo’s commissioning team completes inspections and testing to verify that systems have been installed correctly and are operating to their full potential.


Energy Audits

Energy audits are performed on existing buildings to identify measures that will
cost-effectively reduce a building’s energy consumption and save the owner
thousands of dollars a year.

Recommendations for improvement measures are made to the building owner and include expected cost savings for each measure.

ReVireo uses its expertise and experience to provide valuable recommendations with fast paybacks for its clients. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of many different building systems, enabling us to recommend unique solutions to improve building energy efficiency.

Looking to comply with New York City Local Law 84 and 87?

ReVireo can complete the energy audit and retro-commissioning services needed to generate your Energy Efficiency Report for submission to the city. This service allows building owners to avoid fines from the city and also provides valuable insights into cost effective, energy efficient improvement options. Additionally, ReVireo can manage Local Law 84 benchmarking and reporting for your property, ensuring annual compliance.

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