The ReVireo Method

  • Comply


    Every building project must demonstrate compliance with minimum energy code requirements both before and after construction. Projects that pursue certifications such as ENERGY STAR or LEED must also demonstrate compliance with applicable energy efficiency and environmental quality requirements at multiple stages throughout the project.

    ReVireo provides all of the consulting services needed to verify compliance with such requirements at the permit stage, as well as all of the inspection services needed to verify compliance prior to occupancy. ReVireo also offers training services to assist your team in ensuring that your building project is constructed to meet all applicable requirements, and ReVireo can even design your architectural and engineering plans to guarantee compliance.

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  • Leverage


    Energy codes are becoming stricter. Requirements for upgraded specifications and additional inspections result in added costs for builders and developers.

    ReVireo helps clients leverage these additional costs so that compliance with energy code can actually improve the bottom line. Our marketing team, made up of award-winning graphic designers, web developers, and videographers, creates customized marketing tools for our clients to use to promote the benefits of their project's energy efficiency and environmental quality features.

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  • Maximize


    Financial incentives exist for builders and developers who exceed energy code requirements. However it can be difficult to keep track of all the different incentive options and standards. Tax credits change from year to year. Rebates vary from state to state. Many utility companies even have their own incentive programs with extra requirements on top of qualifying for certifications like ENERGY STAR.

    ReVireo relies on its extensive public policy expertise to assist clients in determining the most cost-effective incentive programs available. In addition to recommending which incentives to pursue, ReVireo also provides turnkey incentive management, which includes: registering projects, documenting compliance, and expediting any applicable payments.

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  • Resnet
  • Energy Star
  • Indoor Air Plus
  • ZERO
  • Phius Rater
  • Phius Verifier
  • LEED
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