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  • Green Buildings vs. Superstorms

    The increased frequency of Superstorms likely means a 30-40% increase in property insurance losses.   One promising solution to this problem is green building.   Green buildings have sturdier construction and more energy efficient features than traditional buildings.  Together, these features help reduce property insurance costs and help a home withstand violet weather.

    Building to ENERGY STAR or LEED certification standards is one way to increase durability.   Most LEED certified homes are constructed with sturdier, more fire-resistant, and more sustainable materials than other homes.  A LEED building’s roof can be covered with steel and aluminum – making it more able to withstand high winds.  ENERGY STAR certification requires a home to be sealed tightly and incorporates a water management system that creates moisture barriers and helps drain water away from the home’s foundation, roof, and walls.

    If you’re a homebuilder, especially along the coast, ReVireo recommends considering a green building certification for your home.  We can’t predict the weather, but we can be prepared for it.

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