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  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend!

    GreenBiz reports “At a sustainability Leadership Summit held by the Rainforest Alliance this month in New York, business, government and NGO leaders discussed the rapid evolution of their work in sustainability.”  Read more to learn the 6 trends driving sustainability as the field evolves,

    LEED statistics reported by GBIG in April 2015 show significant trends in green building.  Find out more about what LEED statistic tell us.

    We already know that solar power is a rapidly expanding field, and “earlier this week, the US Energy Department announced a whopping $32 million solar funding opportunity that addresses multiple aspects of the solar industry, including white collar and R&D employment.”  Discover more about the job boom in the solar industry.

    According to Green Building Elements, “a group of scientists from University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new tool that measures a building’s dimensions, locates HVAC systems and ductwork, and maps out the location of electrical sources, all in an effort to improve building energy efficiency.”  Read more about this tool, convenient enough to fit into a backpack!

    One Fridge off the Grid, a Kickstarter project initially created by Markus Loeffler can help people reduce electrical dependence and save energy.  Find out more about this innovative project!

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