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  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend!

    Google’s new headquarters, meant to be built in the center of Silicon Valley, in Mountain View, CA, is a dream design of futuristic customizability.  With Google’s “crabots,” robot-crane hybrids, they hope to achieve an inner landscape that can be reconfigured to suit changing needs – IF they can manage to get enough land for the proposed build out.  Read more here.

    California’s water shortage is no longer news, but this new solution could be: “groundwater banking, which involves creating incentives for municipalities, farmers, and other water users to percolate water down into sub-surface aquifers for later use.”  Find out more here.

    For middle-class Americans, the obstacle to green building is often financing.  The Pay As You Save (PAYS) program is a “financing intervention that hopes to address the rural middle-income market by enabling utility customers to purchase and install cost-effective energy-efficiency upgrades without upfront payment, personal loans or property liens.”  To learn more about this, click here.

    “Green Rewards” is a new financing option being introduced by Fannie Mae for multifamily housing.  “Both conventional and affordable multifamily properties are eligible for Green Rewards, as well as cooperatives, seniors, military and student housing properties.”  Learn more here.

    A house that holds water?  Australian ARM Architecture has designed a new kind of sustainable home that does just that.  With an exterior covered by water tanks and planters, the home captures rainwater and holds up to 10,000 gallons.  Find out more here.

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