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May 2015

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend!

    GreenBiz reports “At a sustainability Leadership Summit held by the Rainforest Alliance this month in New York, business, government and NGO leaders discussed the rapid evolution of their work in sustainability.”  Read more to learn the 6 trends driving sustainability as the field evolves,

    LEED statistics reported by GBIG in April 2015 show significant trends in green building.  Find out more about what LEED statistic tell us.

    We already know that solar power•••

  • HERS Index Explained (Video)

    As we know, the RESNET HERS Index Score is a mainstream in the housing market. Homebuilders are having their homes energy rated and are marketing the HERS Index Score of their homes. Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are incorporating the HERS Index Scores in their listings and code jurisdictions are recognizing a HERS Index Score as a building energy code compliance option.

    In an effort to educate consumers on the HERS Index RESNET has•••

  • energy star certified homes



    WHAT: ENERGY STAR Certified Homes 101 for Sales Agents
    ENERGY STAR has a unique value proposition for homebuyers looking for new homes. Attendees of this webinar will learn the basics of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program, how to sell the value of ENERGY STAR to their customers, and learn about resources to help them sell ENERGY STAR certified homes including a more comprehensive sales training available.
    WHEN: Wednesday, 5/27, 11AM-12PM

    WHAT: In the Know:•••

  • The Only Reason You Need To Get On Board With Green Building

    According to, the green building economy is growing with no signs of slowing down.  “Since 2012, there has been a substantial increase in the overall number of BUILDER 100 respondents that report they meet green standards, from 110 builders in 2012 to 149 in 2014. Each of the green building programs grew in popularity, but the number of builders using regional programs nearly doubled in two years. LEED for Homes and•••

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend!

    Google’s new headquarters, meant to be built in the center of Silicon Valley, in Mountain View, CA, is a dream design of futuristic customizability.  With Google’s “crabots,” robot-crane hybrids, they hope to achieve an inner landscape that can be reconfigured to suit changing needs – IF they can manage to get enough land for the proposed build out.  Read more here.

    California’s water shortage is no longer news, but this new solution could be:•••

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend

    According to Builder Magazine, the demand for green building certifications is on the rise.  Read more for statistics and to find out which companies are taking the lead on this movement.  Where is this increase coming from?  According to the report, this results from the fuel prices and drought.  Find out more here.

    The last few weeks, we have been reading about the fight brewing over solar power.  Does solar power need•••

  • North America’s Largest Multi-Family Passive House

    REACH Community Development, an organization that provides affordable housing, has built North America’s largest multi-family passive house.  This an important example of the growth of energy-efficiency into the affordable market market.

    The house, called Orchards at Orenco, has 40 one-bedroom apartments and 17 two-bedroom apartments. It is built to the standards of Passive House Institute U.S. and does not require active heating and cooling systems to maintain its temperature. Some features of passive•••

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