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March 2015

  • Green building marketing tips

    As more and more contractors switch to green building, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.  The key to differentiating your services is a solid and consumer-oriented marketing strategy.  Even while considering the myriad of benefits of sustainability, it is most important to keep the consumer’s needs and requirements in mind.  Keep reading for tips on how to highlight what you can offer to a potential client.

    How much have your past•••

  • 5 Green Links: Energy Efficiency Through Smart Building Management

    According to Navigant Research, as the demand for data-driven decision support tools grows, building energy management systems (BEMS) are becoming quickly adopted.  As technology improves, these systems are lowering in price and becoming cost-effective for customers.  Revenue from BEMS is expected to increase from $2.4 billion in 2015 to $10.8 billion in 2024.  Read more about this trend here.

    A new low-cost wireless sensor technology is being developed by researchers at the U.S. Department•••

  • Why Green Building Is Right For YOU

    According to Dodge Data and Analytics, 55% percent of all commercial and institutional construction is predicted to be green buildings. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  defines a green building “whose construction and lifetime of operation assure the healthiest possible environment while representing the most efficient and least disruptive use of land, water, energy and resources”. The U.S. Green building Council also reported that 62% of firms building new single-family homes report are•••

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend!

    MARG Energy has developed patent pending technology to capture CO2 emissions and grow algae that can then be used by the fuel, food, and pharmaceutical industries.  This BioMass Module is said to reduce CO2 emissions by 85%!

    A new study shows that the US created over 233,000 clean energy and transportation jobs over the last 3 years!  Will this growth continue?  Find out here.

    The top 5 residential solar installers•••

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend


    Sometimes the right answer is the simplest one.  Click here to read about how WOOD is could be the a sustainable building material for your future project.

    A newly revised standard has been published that is designed to provide better guidance and a more comprehensive approach to retrofitting existing buildings for improved energy efficiency.  Read about the updates here.

    New York is getting serious about solar power!  Ranking 9th in the nation for overall•••

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