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February 2015

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend – Corporate Edition

    Since the green building industry has continued to grow steadily through the past few years, it should be no surprise to see big businesses and even financial institutions throwing their weight (and money) behind this market. The investment in renewable energy and environmentally supportive practices has started to become a trend in corporations around the world.

    In the UK, Elliot Capital Advisors is spending 100 million pounds on Britain’s solar industry.

    India’s largest bank•••

  • Our Newest Addition!

    Curious about Passive House?  We can help you out.

    Our President & Co-Founder Ben Cohen is a certified PHIUS+ rater!  He’s one of the first in New Jersey, so check him out on the website here.

    For more information, email us: or call us toll-free at (888) 568-5459.

  • UPDATE: Rutgers University College Ave Redevelopment Initiative

    In 2014, Rutgers University partnered with New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), a non-profit urban real-estate development organization, to implement The College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative to redevelop Rutgers’ College Avenue campus.

    The initiative will include three new buildings on campus: University Apartments, Honors College, and Rutgers Academic Building.  University Apartments and Honors College are primarily residential buildings, each housing around 500 students, while Rutgers Academic Building will contain classrooms and lecture halls.  All three building projects are•••

  • Big Building, No Energy Bill!

    For building-owners who are tired of getting sky-high energy bills, aiming for net zero-energy may be an attractive option. Net zero energy buildings focus on energy efficiency to reduce their energy consumption and utilize a renewable energy system to offset their energy use. In 2014, 32 buildings in the United States managed to achieve this status, according to the New Buildings Institute. Ideally these eco-friendly structures should help owners reduce their utilities bill to•••

  • 5 Green Links To Check Out This Weekend!

    We mentioned biomimicry in a previous post, and so it’s no surprise that engineer, architect and designer Massimo Moretti is using 3-D printing to create homes inspired by the way a wasp builds its home.  In fact, he’s even given his organization the moniker WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project).  Read more about this project here!

    The USGBC released its list of the top states for LEED certification this previous week.  Not only•••

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